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Glass Partitions Acoustic Advice: Our Expertise

Thanks to our investment in a dedicated Acoustic Laboratory (a first in the region), our clients no longer have to guess at what is right for them acoustically. This unique Acoustic Laboratory, located at our Marina Plaza head office, is designed and calibrated to amplify your ‘real life’ acoustic experience post occupancy.

It allows specifiers, project managers and their clients, to experience first-hand the varying acoustic outcomes that we can achieve with our glazed partitioning systems, from 30dB through to an incredible 52dB, in a variety of scenarios, from management suite, to busy office, to conference room. We can reproduce what you will hear in increments from our entry level single glazed systems through to our highest performing double glazed products.  This gives meaning to an acoustic test certificate, allowing people to experience exactly what will be heard in situ.

This unique environment will allow you to make the right decision, reduce costs, or enhance budgets in order to achieve the right result. Acoustics no longer need be a best guess.

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