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Glass partitions have become increasingly popular in many schools and universities thanks to their great functionality and unique aesthetic features. Glass partitioning systems offer adaptable solutions that maximise space and meet design requirements, whilst creating inspiring educational environments.

So, what are the key considerations for architects and designers when specifying glass partitions in educational projects?

Acoustics enhance learning environments

Communication is key to any learning environment, which is why it is important that glass partitions offer good acoustic performance. A high level of acoustic insulation aids both interaction between teachers and students and enhances the overall space. Glass partitions can achieve excellent acoustic performance, particularly double glazed systems, which not only improves productivity, but it also creates a healthier environment for students to learn. However, it is important to obtain credible test data from the manufacturer to be confident that the specified system meets the required acoustic performance.

Line loads to accommodate a heavier strain

Line loads is another key aspect to consider when specifying glass partitions. Potential loads that a partition may face will be different from building-to-building and from environment-to-environment. Line loads in education facilities will typically be more onerous than those employed in commercial environments. This is due to the increased potential for spaces to suffer from overcrowding. A good example is school corridors at the end of the school day which are subjected to additional forces. Therefore, glass partitions in these instances would typically need to meet a 1.5kN/m loading requirement.


The durability of glazed partitioning systems should also be taken into consideration as it will likely be subjected to intensive usage. The resilience of the partition, both in terms of handling and abnormally rough use are key things to think about when designing your fit-out. One key feature glass partitions offer is that they require very little maintenance compared to other materials. As a result, glass partitions not only offer a robust product, but they also help to reduce future business costs.

Fire performance

Another important factor to take into consideration is the building’s fire safety strategy. All partitions and doors enclosing fire escape stairs and fire escape routes require appropriate degrees of fire protection as agreed with Building Control. Furthermore, fire rated glass partitions provide a stylish and functional solution, designed to meet the practical fire needs of a modern educational environment.


Glass partitions play a key role in the design of educational environments, enhancing learning, teaching and occupant wellbeing. With a variety of features glass partitions are the ideal solution for building innovative and creative educational spaces. We have a range of partitioning systems designed to provide functional and stylish solutions to suit your needs.

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