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Tech Panels

Our bespoke tech panels are individually designed to fully integrate with our glazing systems, allowing the use of room booking systems or lighting and temperature control within a meeting room. A wide range of panel finishes are available, including steel, timber veneer, laminate or obscured glass.

Many of our clients have a requirement for multiple meeting rooms and conference spaces and an invaluable productivity and organisational tool is the room booking system; a piece of technology that allows people to see if a meeting room is available or in use, as well as viewing information about the meeting that is taking place.

Traditionally, room booking systems are mounted on the wall outside a meeting room, which can be problematic if the meeting room front is of glass construction, as fixings and cabling cannot be concealed.

Our solution to this issue is the development of the tech panel. This is a bespoke panel that is designed to integrate seamlessly with our glass partitioning systems. A popular choice is our Revolution 54 and Revolution 100 double glazed systems.

The tech panel is individually designed to meet your exact requirements, to the finish of your choice, whether powder coated steel, timber veneered, laminate, or obscured glass. The room booking system can be mounted to the front of the tech panel, or recessed into it, and the cabling is concealed within the cavity.

The tech panel is designed to fit within the glazing track and is fully sealed into position. Insulation is installed within the cavity, thereby ensuring that the acoustic performance of the office front is not compromised.


Tech panels have the added flexibility of being able to incorporate light switches or thermostats for temperature control within the meeting room.

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