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Glass Partitions Optimise Natural Daylight In Dubai Smart Government’s New Office Space


Winner of the Most Sustainable Building of the Year at the Commercial Interior Awards, Smart Dubai Building combines innovative spatial planning, flexible workplaces and stunning aesthetics. The project is a living example of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision to make Dubai the most environmentally-friendly place on earth. Along with Optima’s premium glass partitions which encourage natural light flow, the building features live landscapes such as planter pods for each member of staff in the building.

Smart Dubai Building

Designer - DWP

Summertown Interiors

In order to make the vision a reality, designer DWP and contractor Summertown Interiors were appointed to create an organic structure which had a clear relationship with the natural environment. Wireless technology features throughout the building; light sensors deactivate lighting when it is not used and CO2 sensors regulate airflow in rooms. The entire building is super economical, standing as a figurehead to fellow organisations wishing to integrate sustainable methods into their spaces.

Cutting edge technology is also a huge design element. A virtual, unmanned reception means staff members are notified by SMS when visitors arrive. Visitors are subsequently directed to the relevant meeting space, the desert oasis or another area of the building. Such an intelligent consideration for space showcases how the Smart Dubai Building really pushes the boundaries of what commercial sites can achieve.

A project with such a strong focus on sustainability and advanced technology required an equally rigorous glass partitioning system. Optima 117 plus is an elegant single glazed partition system, giving the illusion of an open space even though the area is divided by transparent walls. The partitions not only control acoustics but they create private, smaller rooms which encourage the natural flow of daylight.

Curved glazing and glazed pods are impressive features of this innovative work space, showcasing Optima’s ability to provide high performing and beautifully designed partitioning solutions. In certain areas of the building, Optima’s glass partitions accommodate switchable glass; an innovative product which instantly provides privacy at the flick of a switch.

With advanced technology and beautiful landscaping, Smart Dubai Building sets the bar high for sustainable buildings across the globe. Combined with DWP’s careful consideration for natural light flow , Optima’s glass partitions produce an open and modern working environment which is of significant benefit to the health and wellbeing of employees.










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