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Acoustic Glass Partitions and Doors at JLL’s Dubai Office

In the pursuit of creating a dynamic, sustainable and high-performance work environment, JLL MENA partnered with Al Tayer Stocks and us to create an awe-inspiring space at their Dubai HQ. Our high-performance acoustic glass partitions and doors create an elegant and comfortable working space in ICD Brookfield Place. The incorporation of Revolution 100 double glazed partitions, Edge Affinity and Elite Aero pocket sliding doors seamlessly integrate natural light, elegant aesthetics, acoustic privacy, and employee wellbeing, ultimately enhancing productivity throughout the workspace.

ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai

Al Tayer Stocks - Building & Interior Divisions

A clear design brief

The project design brief was clear from JLL, their new office needed to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. JLL MENA sought a design that not only exuded elegance but also fostered a productive and healthy work environment. Additionally, the installation needed to meet sustainability requirements while ensuring optimal acoustic performance, given the bustling nature of the office environment.

Elegant design and outstanding acoustic glass partitions enrich JLL’s office

Through close collaboration with Al Tayer Stocks and JLL we met and exceeded their bespoke design requirements. Revolution 100 double glazed partitions allowed for the unhindered flow of natural light throughout the office space, creating an open and bright atmosphere. Not only shining a light on the space, but Revolution 100 also provides outstanding acoustic performance, reducing noise pollution and creating a functional and tranquil workspace. Achieving up to Rw51db with two layers of 13.14mm acoustic laminated glass, this phenomenal acoustic system hit JLL’s brief perfectly.

Glass doors: a touch of sophistication and acoustic excellence

Edge Affinity doors added a sophisticated and elegant touch to the overall design aesthetic. These doors seamlessly complemented the office’s modern and sustainable design, creating a visually appealing environment. Moreover, Edge Affinity doors played a crucial role in enhancing the acoustic privacy of the office, contributing to a quieter and more productive workspace.  With an acoustic rating of up to Rw42db, this double glazed framed door seamlessly integrates with our glass partitions whilst strengthening acoustic privacy. The integration of this door not only elevated the office’s aesthetic appeal but also aligned with the office’s commitment to fostering a conducive work environment that prioritises employee wellbeing and productivity, ultimately reflecting the seamless convergence of functionality and elegance in the office’s design.

Saving space, high-performance pocket sliding solutions

Elite Aero pocket sliding doors at JLL not only provide a space-saving solution, but they also add a unique design flourish to the workspace. These doors seamlessly integrated with the office’s modern and sleek design aesthetic, contributing to a sophisticated and efficient use of space. By combining elegant design with practical functionality, the Elite Aero pocket sliding doors enhanced the overall ambiance of the office while optimising the use of space, demonstrating a thoughtful and innovative approach to the office’s interior design.

To sum up

The successful installation of our high-performance acoustic glass partitions and doors at JLL MENA’s office in Dubai exemplifies the seamless convergence of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Our collaboration with JLL MENA resulted in a workspace that not only embodies elegance and sophistication but also prioritises employee well-being and productivity through effective acoustic management and the integration of natural light. This project serves as a testament to the transformative impact of thoughtful design and high-quality glass partitions in creating dynamic and sustainable work environments.

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