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Glass partition solutions elevate sophistication at Baker McKenzie’s dynamic Dubai office  

In the heart of Dubai, a stunning transformation took place at Baker McKenzie. In collaboration with INC Solutions, Savills and ourselves, they redefined the conventional law office space. Tasked with creating a sophisticated environment to appeal to both clients and colleagues the project unfolded into a striking 10,800 sq. ft. office space that defied traditional expectations. Our innovative glass partitioning solutions, in partnership with contractor INC Solutions and project managers Savills, played a pivotal role in realising Baker McKenzie’s vision for their new Dubai HQ.  

Dubai International Financial Centre

Savills Middle East

INC Solutions

Breaking stereotypes with dynamic glass partitioning solutions 

Baker McKenzie sought to challenge the stereotypes associated with law firms, moving away from closed-off, divided office layouts. With this in mind, it was crucial to maintain a sense of privacy within the openness of the office. Revolution 100 glass partitions emerged as the solution that seamlessly blended sophistication with functionality. With a design that prioritises acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal, Revolution 100 delivers an unparalleled experience for clients and colleagues. Installed with 2 layers of 12mm thick tempered glass this hugely popular system achieves up to Rw45dB of acoustic insulation. This made it the ideal choice for the collections of private meeting rooms, offices and other areas that require an added level of privacy and confidentiality in Baker McKenzie’s new space.  

Elegance and performance in perfect harmony 

Optima 36 single glazed partitions further elevates the office’s aesthetic allure while meeting this law firm’s bespoke design requirements. The installation of 13.14mm thick acoustic laminate glass allowed these partitions to achieve up to Rw38dB, ensuring acoustic privacy without compromising the visual appeal. This seamless integration of elegance and performance epitomises the essence of Baker McKenzie’s vision. 

Opening the doors to unmatched design and functionality 

We installed a selection of our high-quality and beautiful door systems, including Edge Symmetry double and single glazed doors, as well as the Axile Clarity and Kinetic single leaf sliding doors which enhanced the office’s overall design. These door systems not only elevated the aesthetic appeal but also prioritised acoustic performance, seamlessly aligning with the bespoke space needs of Baker McKenzie’s new office.  

Single and double glazed Edge Symmetry doors were installed extensively throughout the design. Achieving up to Rw42dB in its double glazed form, Edge Symmetry brings excellent acoustic performance and elegant design to this law firm’s new office. This high-performing glazed door integrates seamlessly with our Revolution 100 and Optima 36 glass partitioning solutions to complete the design. Edge Symmetry also adds further acoustic resilience to the variety of private spaces, putting their clients’ and colleagues’ confidentiality first. The elegance of Baker McKenzie’s office is heightened with the introduction of Axile Clarity single glazed toughened doors. Not only does this frameless glass door add a touch more sophistication to the design but 12mm thick tempered glass, it strengthens the acoustic performance of the office too. Achieving an acoustic rating of up to Rw32dB, Baker McKenzie’s unique acoustic design requirements are truly met with our collection of high-performance door systems. 

Kinetic seal sliding doors seamlessly integrate alongside Optima 36 glass partitions to create a dynamic break out and pantry area. This space-saving door solution allows for continued office connectivity whilst providing an effortless way to separate the work and rest spaces. Kinetic Seal’s frameless design feature further enhances the open and bright look of the office, maximising the amount of natural light flowing through the breakout area and the adjoining workspace.   

A space redefined: embracing transparency and collaboration 

Central to the project’s success was the creation of a client zone that seamlessly transitioned into a collaboration space and communal pantry, fostering a sense of openness and inclusivity. The integration of our glass partitions allowed natural daylight to permeate deeply into the space, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. This physical transparency not only provided guests with a glimpse into the culture of Baker McKenzie but also underscored the firm’s commitment to openness and collaboration. 

Optima MENA: elevating spaces and redefining possibilities  

It was a true pleasure to collaborate with INC Solutions and Savills as together we redefined what a law firm’s office can be and offer to Baker McKenzie. Our dynamic, high-performance, and sophisticated glass partitioning solutions played an instrumental role in reshaping their work environment. By seamlessly integrating aesthetics with high-performance solutions and functionality, our contributions not only met but exceeded their expectations, setting a new standard for contemporary office design in the region. This successful collaboration stands as a testament to our shared commitment to driving mindful, innovative and leading solutions in the glass partitioning industry, elevating spaces and redefining possibilities. 

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