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Bringing art and science together with our glass partitions at We The Curious

We have completed a unique project for We The Curious Museum, a science centre and educational charity in Bristol. Unlike anything else we have worked on before, this fit-out is part of an art and science display at the Harbourside centre. “Maybe We Should Stop Thinking that Everything Always Starts from the Beginning”, is a permanent site-specific art installation that forms the entrance of the museum. Working alongside London based artists Troika, Our glass partitions at We The Curious helped bring their imaginative design to life. 

Anchor Road, Bristol

Unique glass partitions and photographic prints

The fascinating installation uses photographic production processes in the format of DIA positive film to expose the colour spectra on the glass partitions. As a result, we installed three of our popular Revolution 100 double glazed partitions, forming a walkway into the museum. The glass partitions are placed in a way to create a zig-zag path into the main exhibition hall. Furthermore, this creative combination offers a fantastic visual and sensory experience as you enter.

Within the cavity made up of our stunning Revolution 100 glass partitioning system, Troika hung a DIA film. Therefore, when light passes through the film and glass it depicts an abstract colour pattern. Each of the three photographic prints exposes a different colour, the first one being cyan, the centre one magenta and the third one shows yellow. Combined they create an infinite colour spectrum that alternates as you walk through the space depending on the viewer’s position.  

A great project to work on

Looking back on this stunning fit-out, Project Manager, Natalie McLoughlin commented:

“We The Curious was a great project to work on, completely different from our normal fit outs; this unique art and science display forms an interesting and colourful entrance to the museum. On the whole the project ran very efficiently, and it was a pleasure working alongside London based artists Troika on this fantastic project. All together we created a distinctive and vivid finished product which combines both the artistic vision of Troika with our technical glass partitioning expertise. Me and the rest of the team enjoyed being a part of this fit-out and we are all very proud of the incredible finished project.”

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