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Glass partitions create contemporary industrial design at Clockwise Cardiff 

Located not far from the Castle Quarter, Clockwise Cardiff offers one of the largest office spaces in the city. Spread across the ground and the first floor of Brunel House, this contemporary coworking space boasts a bright and airy working environment with impressive views across Cardiff. Working alongside architects Morey Smith and main contractor WFC we created a stylish shared workspace in the city centre. Our glass partitions and doors flood the workspace with natural light whilst offering impressive acoustic performance, therefore,  delivering the ideal environment for a range of working styles. 

Brunel House, Cardiff

Morey Smith

WFC Contractors

Glass partitions enhance coworking environments 

Creating a visually attractive coworking environment whilst offering their users a functional space was key for Clockwise. With this in mind, Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition single glazed partitions were installed extensively throughout this shared workspace. On the ground floor, this striking system created a variety of private and shared offices as well as a number of different sized meeting rooms. This contemporary office space offers a perfect example of the versatility of the Optima 117 Plus system, creating a range of different working environments. Achieving up to Rw38dB with 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass, this system, also provides the ideal solution delivering a striking design style whilst offering acoustic privacy.  

Coworking environments by nature are busy and loud spaces that’s why acoustic privacy is important in order to accommodate a variety of working styles. As a result, the installation of several glass door systems enhances the acoustic performance of this coworking space. Axile Clarity 12mm thick toughened glass doors were integrated within the numerous private and shared offices. This single door leaf can achieve an acoustic rating of up to Rw32dB, delivering the perfect solution to the aesthetic and also the acoustic requirements of the project. Furthermore, this elegant frameless glass door leaf integrates seamlessly with the Optima 117 Plus partitions for a flawless sleek design. Moreover, for the larger meeting room, we installed an Edge Affinity acoustic framed door, offering outstanding acoustic performance. With superior perimeter seals, this excellent framed door can achieve up to Rw39dB, bolstering the acoustic performance of the fit-out.  

Architecturally elegant industrial design at Clockwise Cardiff  

Creating a visually stunning workspace with a modern industrial look was key for Clockwise. Featuring a slimline aluminium framework our Shoreditch system brings a striking and also rustic style to the fit-out. The Shoreditch bars are bonded to the glass, thereby retaining both the structural stability and acoustic performance of the glass partition. Furthermore, applying the black framework in this manner gives the appearance of cutting through the glass with dramatic effect.  

Natural light was another key design requirement for Clockwise’s new space at Brunel House. Our glass partitions and doors perfectly allow light to flow naturally through this shared workspace. Flooding the office with natural light is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also have many positive effects on employee well-being and productivity.  

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