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Glass partitions encourage natural light and enhance employee well-being at Clockwise’s new London coworking space

Clockwise has arrived in London with the opening of its first site in the capital. Clockwise Greenside House boasts stunning views of the City of London and Alexandra Palace. The new flexible workspace has been designed to celebrate the natural surroundings of this North London hub. Spanning 32,000sq. ft this new spaciousflexible working environment perfectly meets the increased demand for offices closer to home. Working alongside architects Hawkins Brown LLP and main contractor Portview we created a sophisticated coworking space to support a variety of working styles. Spread across five floors, our glass partitions provide an injection of colour into the design whilst also allowing natural light to flow.  

Wood Green, London

Hawkins Brown Architects LLP

Portview – Fit-Out Limited

Natural light at the heart of the design 

Natural light plays a key role in creating a healthy and productive coworking space. With this in mind, we installed Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitions across all five floors in Wood Green. This elegant glass partitioning system creates a variety of private offices, shared workspaces, and meeting rooms. Creating beautiful private and collaborative areas out of open spaces, this system easily facilitates a range of working styles. Achieving up to Rw38dB, this sophisticated system provides great acoustic performance whilst also allowing natural light to flood into the office. Furthermore, by encouraging natural light to flow through the space, it offers the benefit of enhancing the wellbeing and productivity of occupants.  

In addition, a unique design feature of Clockwise’s London workspace is the integration of a terracotta pink RAL powder coated finish which was incorporated extensively throughout. As a result, the vivid colour scheme introduces a bright and open style to the design, enhancing the collaborative nature of this shared office. 

Celebrating green spaces 

Located in Greenside House, this bright and airy shared workspace has also placed an important focus on green spaces throughout the office. Therefore, this focus on bringing nature into the office is highlighted by the striking ‘living’ wall and greenhouse, oxygenating the surrounding space. In addition, the wall of plants promotes a healthy and calming working environment, enhancing the wellbeing of occupants. 


Equally important to the success of this attractive fit-out was the installation of a number of our glass door systems. Delivering both excellent acoustic performance and interesting aesthetic features our doors offer a stylish and functional addition to the design. Acoustic privacy is vital in all coworking spaces, therefore, we installed Edge Affinity single glazed doors across the project. Beautifully designed, this framed door can achieve up to Rw39dB, delivering outstanding acoustic performance. Moreover, this acoustic door creates a collection of private phone booths, leading off from the communal breakout area, offering the ideal acoustic privacy for occupants to take confidential calls. Furthermore, Axile Clarity doors complete the design of this flexible workspace, seamlessly integrating with our Optima 117 Plus glass partitions. As a result, this stylish, frameless toughened glass door can achieve up to Rw33dB helping build a variety of workspaces across the fit-out. 

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