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Refurbishing LinkedIn MENA’s Dubai Headquarters with our high-performance glass partitions 

LinkedIn MENA completed the successful refurbishment of their new headquarters in Dubai. We were delighted to collaborate with SAY Studio, CBRE MENA, and Summertown Interiors on this fantastic project. Together we created a colourful and contemporary working environment that reflects LinkedIn’s brand identity and promotes productivity and well-being. 

Internet City, Dubai

SAY Studio


Elevating design with our high-performance glass partitioning systems 

Our high-performance and sophisticated glass partitioning systems played a pivotal role in elevating the design of LinkedIn MENA’s headquarters refurb. The incorporation of these systems contributed to the creation of a vibrant and contemporary working environment that aligns with LinkedIn’s vision and values. 

Revolution 100 glazed partitions: creating versatile working environments 

Revolution 100 single and double glazed partitions created a diverse range of working environments within the office space. This high acoustic performance system created a variety of boardrooms, collaborative areas, private meeting rooms, and solo phone booths, promoting a dynamic and versatile work environment that caters to various working styles and requirements. With an acoustic rating of up to Rw40dB with out single glazed system and Rw52dB with our double glazed system, we were able to meet the individual and changing acoustic needs of LinkedIn’s office.  

Enhancing acoustic performance with Edge Symmetry doors 

The inclusion of Edge Symmetry acoustic glass doors further enhanced the acoustic performance of the working spaces, creating a unique and dynamic environment that meets a variety of working styles. These doors not only contribute to acoustic privacy but also promote a conducive atmosphere for focused work and collaboration, adding value to the overall design of the refurbished office. Achieving up to Rw41dB, this elegant framed doors offers excellent acoustic performance. Featuring a slime 30mm standard width style, the hugely popular Edge Symmetry acoustic glass door provides LinkedIn with the ideal solution to create a comfortable and healthy office space.  

Promoting light flow and acoustic privacy 

Not only do our systems offer high-performance acoustic solutions but they also allow natural light to flow across LinkedIn’s reinvigorated, open-plan office. This balance between light penetration and acoustic privacy contributes to a comfortable and functional working environment, fostering a sense of openness while respecting the need for privacy and focus. 

Collaboration the key to success  

Working in collaboration with SAY Studio, CBRE MENA, and Summertown Interiors was an absolute pleasure for us. The seamless collaboration and collective efforts of all parties involved contributed to the successful realisation of LinkedIn’s vibrant and contemporary workspace, reflecting a harmonious blend of expertise and creativity. 

Creating a bright and energetic working environment 

The creation of a bright and energetic office was crucial for LinkedIn MENA’s new HQ. With that in mind, our glass partition and door solutions integrate a bright and sleek feature whilst facilitating the maximum level of natural light throughout the office. The addition of unique and colourful manifestation applied to our collection of systems adds to colourful design of the office whilst allowing LinkedIn to share and promote their brand values. This revitalized workspace not only promotes a visually appealing and modern atmosphere but also prioritizes employee health, well-being, and productivity at the centre of the design, ensuring a conducive space for professional growth and collaboration. 

The successful completion of the refurbishment project stands as a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and innovation in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces that resonate with the clients’ aspirations and values. 

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