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Collaboration for a fluid and sophisticated workspace at Modern Working’s new Dubai office 

Modern Working’s new office in the Opus building in Dubai is a testament to the collective efforts of Optima, XBD Collective, and Aati Contracts. Working in collaboration we created a timelessly elegant working environment that puts ergonomic design and employee well-being front and centre. Our sophisticated glass partitions and doors contributed significantly to the creation of a fluid and dynamic workspace that embodies elegance and functionality. 

Opus Building, Dubai

XBD Collective

Aati Contracts

Enhancing design with Optima 36 glass partitions 

The installation of Optima 36 office partitions played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall design of the Modern Working’s new space. This single glazed partition addresses the higher acoustic needs of the office without compromising on style. Achieving up to Rw38dB with one layer of 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass, Optima 36 delivers unique elegance with outstanding acoustic performance. Seamlessly integrated within the design this refined, high-performance system takes Modern Working’s adds a visually striking aesthetic, taking office design to new levels.  

Optima 36 glass partitions not only provide a modern and open feel to the workspace but also ensure privacy and acoustic comfort. The incorporation of this innovative partitioning system has allowed for the creation of distinct work areas without sacrificing the sense of openness and connectivity within the office. The result is a dynamic, functional, and peaceful working environment that aligns with Modern Working’s vision for a productive, collaborative and inviting workspace. 

The impact of Axile Clarity doors 

Installed alongside our Optima 36 glass partitions, Axile Clarity doors enhanced the sophisticated and striking ambiance of Modern Working’s Dubai office. Axile Clarity doors, characterised by their elegant frameless toughened glass door leaf and slimline Microflush aluminum door frame, seamlessly integrate with the Optima 36 glazed partitioning systems. This dynamic integration not only contributes to the visual appeal of the office but also ensures optimal acoustic performance and functionality. 

Axile Clarity doors, with its integral acoustic seals and glazing rebate, have facilitated a seamless transition between different areas of the office while maintaining the desired acoustic privacy.  Achieving up to Rw32dB, this sleek frameless door adds a final graceful touch to the space whilst delivering enhanced acoustic privacy.  Axile Clarity’s design and functionality have significantly contributed to the creation of a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing workspace, ultimately fostering a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration among Modern Working’s colleagues. 

A collaborative effort 

The successful realisation of the fluid and sophisticated workspace at Modern Working’s new Dubai office was enriched by the collaborative synergy between Optima, XBD Collective, and Aati Contracts. Our collective expertise and dedication resulted in a workspace that not only exudes elegance but also prioritises functionality and acoustic comfort, aligning perfectly with Modern Working’s ethos. 

The installation of Optima 36 glass partitions and Axile Clarity doors has significantly enhanced the striking aesthetic of Modern Working’s new office, creating a dynamic, functional, and peaceful working environment for their colleagues and clients. The collaboration between Optima, XBD Collective, and Aati Contracts stands as a testament to the power of synergy in bringing forth innovative and sophisticated workspace solutions. 

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