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Swiss Bureau Interior Design‘s conceptualisation of the new headquarters of Property Finder Group was focused on building an inspiring creative environment.  With a design incorporating open-plan spaces and more private meeting rooms, Optima’s glass partitions were chosen to maximise the flow of light without the loss of acoustic integrity.


Swiss Bureau Interior Design

Gallagher Technical Services LLC

Entering the reception through a clever use of the company logo, you walk through a miniature house which completely captures your attention with its simplicity and minimalism. You can immediately notice a diversity of moods created throughout the office.

Within the noisy buzz of the main sales hall, is the contrasting calmness of a full-length green wall. A minimalism of elements is represented through the generosity of the full-length planes surrounding the sales hall. The design of the office creates a variety of meeting hubs aiming to achieve a different ambience in each. There is an outdoor-themed meeting room, a chic framed wooden box serving as the main meeting room, cushioned phone booths, as well as informal meeting areas with an impressive view. A hidden door opens up to the unexpected vast pantry.

The ultra-clean details mark out different “chill-out” spaces and customised accessories cater for specific needs. Each individual office design is representative of the department, aiming to meet both their practical and creative needs. Tailor-made details are found throughout which tie together the entire office. Nature, high-tech, comfort, and identity, have been the lite motive of this design.

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