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Creating a high-performance and sustainable workspace at Reliance International’s new ICD Brookfield office

In December 2022, SAY Studio presented a brief focusing on achieving the highest acoustic standards for the CEO/Boardroom areas at Reliance International Ltd. The goal was to create a high-performance environment conducive to executive-level discussions and meetings.

ICD Brookfield, UAE

SAY Studio

Al Tayer Stocks

Overcoming budget constraints with innovative solutions

The primary challenge was managing budget constraints, particularly regarding the use of decorative mesh glass. Despite creating numerous samples and exploring more affordable alternatives, this feature was ultimately excluded. Optima Systems provided a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

Ensuring timeless adaptability

The fully demountable systems provided by Optima perfectly met the brief’s requirements for both aesthetics and acoustic performance.

The Optima 117 Plus system was ideal for creating private, quiet spaces, crucial for meeting the strict acoustic standards. Known for its elegant design and superior acoustic performance, this system’s minimal head and base channels and discreet glass-to-glass dry joints contributed to a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing the sophisticated look of the office.

Revolution 100, our dry-jointed system, was used in the boardroom and the CEO’s office. It provided the highest acoustic ratings, essential for maintaining confidentiality and focus during private discussions. Quick and easy to install, with excellent durability, the system ensured structural stability and top-tier acoustic isolation.

In combination, these systems delivered a dramatic and elegant finish, while allowing for future reconfigurations, ensuring the office could adapt to evolving needs.

Efficient and ahead of schedule

The ease of installation of Optima products enabled the project to be completed ahead of schedule, allowing Reliance International to utilise their new space sooner.

Collaborating for success

The Reliance International Ltd project at ICD Brookfield exemplifies Optima Systems’ capability to deliver high-quality and flexible office solutions. The collaboration with SAY Studio and the efficient handling of budgetary challenges highlight our enduring commitment to excellence.

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