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This impressive legal firm services global corporations, financial institutions, capital market participants and net worth individuals throughout the UAE. We worked with INC Group to designed and fit their new interiors creating a professional and stylish working environment for their team.


INC Group

In order to provide a light, professional feel to this workspace we worked closely with INC Group to provide Optima 36 single glazed partitions using 13.14 mm thick acoustic laminated glass with silicone glass to glass joints.  Aluminum finishes were provided in RAL 9005 and 7005 with an acoustic performance of Rw38dB.

Axile Clarity glass doors using 12 mm glass with an acoustic performance of Rw32dB were chosen as well as Optima Lite using 12 mm thick clear tempered glass with silicone glass to glass joints and aluminum finish in RAL 9005.


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