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Overall, product innovation within the field of acoustic glass partitions is moving at a considerable pace. In a rapidly changing industry, it’s essential to keep up-to-date with development. How can manufacturers and suppliers help architects and designers to keep abreast of developments, in order to specify with confidence?

The importance of CPD

Apprenticeships, internships and higher education programmes play their part in helping people join the construction industry. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) keeps existing architects and designers upskilled beyond their initial qualifications. It also allows them to keep up with ever changing legal and regulatory requirements. This improved knowledge can result in greater personal effectiveness and enhanced job performance. CPD can be gained through a variety of activities, including personal study and industry journals. However, one of the most popular ways of gaining CPD is through seminars.

Sound advice

Our RIBA Accredited CPD seminar, Understanding Partition Acoustics, offers professionals an overview of glass partition and door sound insulation. This understanding will allow architects, designers and contractors to make informed decisions about acoustics throughout the design and specification process. By engaging in our CPD seminar, participants will gain an understanding of some of the key issues surrounding sound insulation performance. This knowledge will empower them to specify with confidence, selecting acoustic glass partitions and doors which will meet their project’s unique sound performance requirements. 

Moreover, when you have a knowledgeable and competent team, a project will benefit. Continued development can result in the timely completion of projects, within budget and of a high quality. So, whether you are a new recruit or existing skilled talent, personal and professional development at any stage of a career in construction refines and improves the workforce and is another way of bridging the skills gap.


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