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Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing

The excellent acoustic performance, aesthetic appeal and adaptability of Revolution 54 Plus makes it one of our most popular systems. Revolution 54 Plus integrates seamlessly with generic drywall with the use of our aluminium tapeable glazing bar, making it an ideal solution for glazed fins or clerestory glazing, where acoustic performance and design aesthetics cannot be compromised.

Head Condition

Revolution 54 Plus double glazing is available in two distinct designs, distinguished by the height of the frame; either 54mm (w) x 25mm (h) or 54mm (w) x 50mm (h) extrusions. Deflection heads can be introduced to accommodate up to +/-25mm or up to +/-40mm deflection.

Outer deflection heads are available, to suit your design intent, and can accommodate up to +/-25mm or +/-40mm deflection.

Base Condition

The aluminium base channel can either be 25mm or 50mm deep, depending upon your desired aesthetic and features clip-in glazing beads.

Panel Dimensions

Revolution 54 Plus double glazing can accommodate glass panels up to 1500mm wide, subject to height, configuration, and site logistics. Please contact our Technical Team to discuss the unique requirements of your scheme.

Interpanel Joints

The use of dry-glaze gaskets in the Revolution 54 Plus double glazed system makes it quick and easy to install, without compromising on durability, aesthetics or acoustic performance. A number of discreet glass to glass dry joints are available, including clear PETG, flush aluminium, taped, or our virtually invisible patented Nebula™ joint.


As with all of our products, the Revolution 54 Plus system is laboratory tested for acoustic performance in a UKAS accredited laboratory and full test reports are available upon request. The double glazed system can achieve a maximum of Rw46dB with two layers of 12.8mm thick acoustic laminated glass.


Revolution 54 Plus double glazing can integrate with our pivoting glass doors, along with 44mm thick timber doors and 54mm thick rebated timber doors.

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